Non Emergency Transport Insurance

Ownby Insurance offers the most competitive rates in the Southeast for Non Medical Transport businesses.

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport?

This is transportation service for individuals who need assistance in getting to doctor appointments, check-ups, meetings related to those topics and other such transportation needs that do not require emergency assistance. The difference between this and something like a taxi is that non-emergency medical transport is both private transportation and equipped for individuals with disabilities and special needs; providing wheelchair transport, safe transport for oxygen tanks and other supplies and needs.

There is a great necessity for non-emergency medical transport – many Americans are unable to drive due to age, disabilities, and laws that require individuals who have recently recovered from surgery or other serious rehabilitations to not be behind the wheel. Follow-up appointments are often needed very soon after, yet many of those same patients are without driving access due to weakness and other recovery obstacles and without reliable transportation all the same. People should absolutely not have to face this problem in this day and age.

Southeast Transport Insurance is proud to offer this service as part of our business in Sevier County and Knox County. If you need transport to your medical appointments or you have a loved one who needs this service, we will be happy and available to accommodate.

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-Non Emergency Medical Transportation
-Private Ambulance
-Stretcher Transportation
-Wheelchair Transportation
-Emergency Medical Transportation
-Ambulatory Transportation
-Non-Ambulatory Transportation
-Disability Transportation

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